SAMSUNG INR21700-40T 4000mAh Li-ION

Catalogue index: 08906

SAMSUNG INR21700-40T 4000mAh Li-ION is the latest battery created by Samsung, which has a particularly high capacity and power. Batteries are used in tools, industry and everywhere where high discharge currents up to 35A are required.
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  • Catalogue index:
    • 08906
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  • Size:
  • Cell type:
  • Maximum discharge current [A]:
  • Maximum discharge current [A]:
    • 35
  • Voltage [V]:
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Wysokie zapotrzebowanie na energię Equipment requiring high-current discharges
Przemysł Industrial applications


Przechowywanie danych Data storage
Zasilanie narzędzi Power tools
Cell manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Model: INR21700-40T
Size: 21700
Cell type: Li-ION
Typical capacity [mAh]: 4000
Minimum capacity [mAh]: 3900
Maximum charging current [mA]: 6000
Maximum charging voltage [V]: 2,5
Standard charging current [mA]: 2 000
Maximum discharge current [A]: 35
Voltage [V]: 3,6
Operating temperature: recharging: 0~ +50°C, discharge: -20~ +80°C
Height [mm]: 70,3
Diameter [mm]: 21,22
Cell weight [g]: 70
State: Brand new



  • The battery does not have electronic protection against overcharging and deep discharge.
  • For charging the battery, use only processor-based chargers with a charge cut-off at no more than 4.2V.
  • Do not allow the battery to be discharged below 2.5V. 
  • Do not allow short-circuiting of terminals.
  • Lithium batteries should use PCB protection circuits, whichó> protect the cells from overcharging, over-discharge, short-circuiting and prolong the cell life.


Maximum charging current [mA]:
Working temperature:
Height [mm]:
  • 70.3
Diameter [mm]:
  • 21.22
Trade index:
  • ALSG-L2170-400
Catalogue index:
  • 08906
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
Cell type:
Typical capacity [mAh]:
Minimum capacity [mAh]:
Maximum cut-off voltage [V]:
  • 2.5
Standard current charging [mA]:
  • 2,000
Maximum discharge current [A]:
Voltage [V]:
Cell weight [g]:

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