SONY US14500VR2B 715mAh Li-ION AA

Catalogue index: 09366

Li-ION 14500 industrial rechargeable battery from SONY. The battery is made in lithium-ion technology, characterised by high energy and voltage density. Ideally suited for Braun and Phillips toothbrushes and for package construction.
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  • Catalogue index:
    • 09366
  • EAN code:
    • 7110213446618
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Szczoteczka eleketryczna Braun and Philips Electric toothbrushes


Przechowywanie danych Construction of packages
Cell manufacturer: SONY
Model: US14500VR2
Size: AA, 14500
Cell type: Li-ION
Typical capacity [mAh]: 715
Minimum capacity [mAh]: 680
Maximum charging current [mA]: 680
Maximum charging voltage [V]: 4,2
Maximum cut-off voltage [V]: 2,5
Height [mm]: 49,1
Diameter [mm]: 14
Cell weight [g]: 20



  • The battery does not have electronic protection against overcharging and deep discharge.
  • For charging the battery, use only processor-based chargers with a charge cut-off at no more than 4.2V.
  • Do not allow the battery to be discharged below 2.5V. 
  • Do not allow short-circuiting of terminals.
  • Lithium batteries should use PCB protection circuits, whichó> protect the cells from overcharging, over-discharge, short-circuiting and prolong the cell life.


Maximum charging current [mA]:
Height [mm]:
  • 49.1
Diameter [mm]:
  • 14
Country of origin:
  • Japan
Trade index:
  • ALSO-L1450-715
Catalogue index:
  • 09366
EAN code:
  • 7110213446618
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
Cell type:
Typical capacity [mAh]:
Minimum capacity [mAh]:
Maximum charging voltage [V]:
  • 4.2
Maximum cut-off voltage [V]:
  • 2.5
Cell weight [g]:

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