Alkaline battery LR03 AAA DURACELL C&B (1 units)

1,5V Alkaline

Catalogue index: 02356

Alkaline battery LR03 DURACELL C&B is a universal cell dedicated to devices of everyday use. Provides long operation of energy-consuming electronics.
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  • Catalogue index:
    • 02356
  • EAN code:
    • 5000394077164
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  • Number of cells in the set:
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Logo firmy DURACELL, biały napis DURACELL na czarnym tle    
Alkaline batteries of renowned company DURACELL are cells designed for a wide range of electronic devices. The manufacturer has applied in them the DURALOCK technology, thanks to which the batteries stored retain their power for up to 10 years.


Miedziany aparat na czarnym tle. Cameras
Miedziana elektroniczna golarka na czarnym tle. Personal hygiene equipment
Miedziany pilot do telewizora na czarnym tle. Remote controls


Miedziany kontroler do gier na czarnym tle. Game pads
Miedziana żarówka symbolizująca oświetlenie na czarnym tle. Lighting
Miedziany monster truck, symbolizujący zabawki na czarnym tle. Toys
Cell manufacturer: DURACELL
Model: MN2400
Size: LR03 / AAA / R03
Cell type: Alkaline
Voltage [V]: 1,5
Storage temperature: -20°C to +35°C
Operating temperature: -20°C to +54°C
Height [mm]: 44,5
Diameter [mm]: 10,5
Number of cells per set: 1
Cell weight [g]: 11,4
Guarantee: 6 month
Status: Brand new
Other markings:

LR03 /  E95 /  MN2400 /  4003 (Varta) /  24A /  AM4 /  UM4 /  HP16


Producer index:
Storage temperature:
Working temperature:
Height [mm]:
  • 44.5
Diameter [mm]:
  • 10.5
Country of origin:
  • Belgium
Trade index:
  • B1DU-A1044-B4
Catalogue index:
  • 02356
EAN code:
  • 5000394077164
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
Cell type:
Voltage [V]:
Number of cells in the set:
Cell weight [g]:

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