Rechargeable Battery GP Recyko++ New R6 AA 2650mAh

Catalogue index: 07892

GP Recyko++ batteries are innovative high capacity batteries, now with a capacity of up to 2650mAh. They feature high quality combined with a low price.
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  • Producer index:
    • GP270AAHC
  • Stan:
  • Catalogue index:
    • 07892
  • EAN code:
    • 5902448500058
  • Cell manufacturer:
    • GP Batteries
  • Size:
    • R6 / AA / LR6
  • Cell type:
    • Ni-MH
  • Voltage [V]:
    • 1,2
  • Number of cells in the set:
  • Service life:
    • ok 300
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Logo firmy GP Batteries, Żółte litery GP i biały dopisek Batteries na zielonym tle.    
GP ReCyko+ is a product GP Batteries, a market leader in batteries for over 50 years. The new generation of batteries has been developed with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and providing a safe, reliable and high quality product.


Żółty aparat na zielonym tle. Cameras
Żółty telefon na zielonym tle. Cordless Phones
Żółty radioodbiornik na zielonym tle. Radios


Żółta lampa błyskowa na zielonym tle. Flash lights
Żółta latarka na zielonym tle. Flashlight
Żółty pad na zielonym tle.

Game controllers


Specific properties

Ptaszek, znak akceptacji a pod nim dopisek Gotowe do użycia.

The batteries have been pre-charged at the factory, making them ready to use right out of the box.

Graficzna reprezentacja cyklu w środku napis Do 300 cykli.

ReCyko+ lasts for up to 300 charging cycles. This guarantees significant savings compared to traditional batteries.

Wyciągnięte dłonie a na nich planeta, dopisek Ekologiczne

The cells are ECV certified. By using recyclable materials, ReCyko+ are environmentally friendly.

 Wytrzymała tarcza, napis 70% po roku

When fully charged, unused batteries hold up to 70% of their charge.

   Bateria a w środku znak zapytania.

The batteries arely have no memory effect. You can recharge them at any time. 

   Bateria a w jej środku błyskawica reprezentująca dopisek poniżej jej Wysoka pojemność ReCyko+ 2650mAh are extremely capacious, which guarantees long runtime and reliability.

Trust in proven solutions


ReCyko+ is the new generation of rechargeable batteries. If you expect high performance, durability and quality - combined with a low price - this is the ideal choice for you. The cells are compatible with any device powered by regular AA batteries.



Producer index:
  • GP270AAHC
Maximum charging current [mA]:
  • 260
Height [mm]:
  • 50.5
Diameter [mm]:
  • 14.5
Country of origin:
  • Poland
Trade index:
  • A1GP-H1450-270.bulk
Catalogue index:
  • 07892
EAN code:
  • 5902448500058
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
  • GP Batteries
  • R6 / AA / LR6
Cell type:
  • Ni-MH
Typical capacity [mAh]:
  • 2650
Minimum capacity [mAh]:
  • 2600
Voltage [V]:
  • 1,2
Number of cells in the set:
Cell weight [g]:
  • 31
Service life:
  • ok 300

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