Rechargeable Battery Panasonic Eneloop R6 AA 2000mAh (4 units)


Catalogue index: 08942

Eneloop batteries are the best choice for those looking for a durable yet powerful power source. Cells are factory charged, save time and money.
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  • Model:
    • BK-3MCCE/4LE
  • Catalogue index:
    • 08942
  • EAN code:
    • 5410853060574
  • Cell manufacturer:
  • Size:
  • Cell type:
    • Ni-MH
  • Voltage [V]:
  • Number of cells in the set:
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Eneloop is not only a long-lasting and efficient battery but also an advanced technology that allows to completely recycle the cell. Panasonic company creating the products from this series focused on providing a source of power high quality without forgetting about our planet. Thanks to this the cells can be charged and discharged up to 2100 times. This does not only benefit the environment but also your wallet.


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Pilot do telewizora Remotely controlled devices
Pad do grania Game pads


Home appliances
Latarka Flashlights



Specific properties

 Zielony liść, informuje o ekologii i zielonym pochodzeniu energii.

Battery packsare charged with renewable energy as certified byGreen Power. With less wasteóand energy from the sun, pollution is reduced. 

 Niebieskie strzałki zataczające krąg reprezentujące cykl

The cells will last for up to 2100 charging cycles. Forget about periodic trips to the store for new cells. Buying eneloop is about going green and saving money.

 Wysokie napięcie w postacie błyskawicy 1.1V

Panosonic Eneloop maintain a high voltage until just discharged, so your devices as energy levels drop will not lose performance.

 Wytrzymała tarcza, napis 70% po 10 latach

Thanks to the eneloop technology unused batteries can retain up to 70% of their charge after 10 years.

 Termometry wskazujące niską i wysoką temperaturę, podpisane odpowiednio niskie 20°C i wysokie

Panasonic eneloop batteries maintain their full performance at low as well as high temperatures without any problems. Panasonic eneloop retains full performance even at -20°C.

   Bateria a w jej środku znak zapytania Eneloop`y pozbawione są efektu pamięci. Bez przeszkód można je doładowywać w dowolnym momencie co wyjątkowo docenią użytkownicy kompaktów oraz latarek. 

Stability, right to the end


One of the main features of eneloop technology is its high voltage level. A traditional Ni-MH battery loses voltage in stages and reaches a critical level very quickly. An eneloop battery, on the other hand, will maintain its voltage above 1.1V for a long time and will drop below this level only just before it is fully discharged.. 


Reliability and quality


Eneloop batteries provide excellent performance even in temperatures as low as -20°C and when not in use can hold a charge of up to 70% for 10 years. Choose eneloop for durability and efficiency.


  • BK-3MCCE/4LE
Maximum charging current [mA]:
  • 2000mA 1,1h
Height [mm]:
  • 50.5
Diameter [mm]:
  • 14.5
Country of origin:
  • Japan
Trade index:
  • A1PA-H1450-200.B4-1
Catalogue index:
  • 08942
EAN code:
  • 5410853060574
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
Cell type:
  • Ni-MH
Typical capacity [mAh]:
Minimum capacity [mAh]:
Voltage [V]:
Number of cells in the set:
Cell weight [g]:

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