Rechargeable Battery Varta Professional R6 AA 2600mAh (4 units)

1,2V NiMH Ready2Use

Catalogue index: 09594

The Varta Professional R6/AA rechargeable batteries belong to the highest and best series of cells of this manufacturer. They guarantee high reliability and high current capacity.
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  • Producer index:
  • Stan:
  • Catalogue index:
    • 09594
  • EAN code:
    • 4008496745975
  • Cell manufacturer:
    • VARTA
  • Size:
    • R6 / AA / mignon
  • Cell type:
    • Ni-MH
  • Maximum discharge current [A]:
    • 2,8
  • Maximum discharge current [A]:
    • 2.8
  • Voltage [V]:
    • 1,2
  • Number of cells in the set:
  • Service life:
    • 1000
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Logo firmy energizer, czarny napis Energizer    
VARTA PROFESSIONAL batteries are products of unquestionable quality. The batteries are designed for precise power supply of advanced electronic devices. In comparison to cheaper products, they offer higher current capacity and longer service life.


Żółty aparat na ciemno-granatowym tle. Cameras
Żółty kontroler do gier na ciemno-granatowym tle. Game pads
Żółta zabawka na granatowym tle Toys


Żółty odtwarzacz MP3 na granatowym tle MP3
Żółty radioodbiornik na ciemno-granatowym tle. Radios
Żółta latarka na ciemno-granatowym tle. Flashlights

Specific properties

The batteries have been precharged at the factory, making them ready to use right out of the box.

Akumulator wytrzyma 1000 cykli, graficzna reprezentacja cyklu

LonglifeAccu last up to 1000 cycles  charges.  This guarantees significant savings compared to traditional batteries.

   Napis ekologiczne, wizualizacja ekologi dwa zielone liście

The batteries arely have no memory effect. You can recharge them at any time. 

   Bateria a w jej środku znak zapytania Varta PowerAccu 2600mAh are extremely capacious, which guarantees long runtime and reliability.


Producer index:
Maximum charging current [mA]:
  • 2600
Height [mm]:
  • 50.5
Diameter [mm]:
  • 14.5
Country of origin:
  • Poland
Trade index:
  • A1VA-H1450-260.B4
Catalogue index:
  • 09594
EAN code:
  • 4008496745975
Cell feature
Cell manufacturer:
  • R6 / AA / mignon
Cell type:
  • Ni-MH
Typical capacity [mAh]:
  • 2600
Maximum discharge current [A]:
  • 2,8
Internal resistance [mΩ]:
  • 45
Voltage [V]:
  • 1,2
Number of cells in the set:
Cell weight [g]:
  • 30
Service life:
  • 1000

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